Sunlights Balayage

Rapidly making its way into the mainstream, balayage is set to revolutionise hair colour world-wide.
Candy Shaw, fondly referred to as ‘@thebalaylama’, has developed SUNLIGHTS Professionnel Balayage Lightener, and its companion educational kit, THE BALAY BOX, to fill a real need for practical, grass roots education in our industry.
SUNLIGHTS is Kaolin (clay) based so it has a smooth silky consistency which is conditioning and easy to paint with. Also unlike most lighteners which smell badly, SUNLIGHTS has a pleasant citrus/grapefruit fragrance that’s pleasing to clients.
The line goes the whole way with specially produced tools for every balayage-believer as well as the must have ‘Balay Wrap’ — get ready to paint!

“Candy Shaw’s infectious passion for painting hair makes it both educational and rewarding to feed off all online education. Sunlights Balayage is my go-to for the right lift, in the right time with the right consistency. It delivers.”


“I absolutely love Sunlights Balayage Lightener. As a freehand specialist I know Sunlights will give me the results I need every time I use it. The consistency is so easy to work with and it gives such amazing lift. I wouldn't be without it now.”